Q bear- An Al baby crying translator that tells you about babies’ needs.
We use exclusive artificial intelligence technology to analyze babies’ needs from the crying, in order to help parents react easily when babies’ needs easily are recognized.
There are four Identifiable needs: Hungry, Diaper changing, Sleepy and Comforting.
Furthermore, Q bear can also detects babies’ discomfort index for parents to further understanding about babies’ health situation.
5 Features
- Exclusive produce of Quantum music | Artificial intelligence + patent computational technology
- Easily detect Four needs from baby | Including discomfort index to help parents understand babies’ situation.
- 10 second crying translation | The translation will getting more accurate with longer usage period of time.
- Patent comforting music for baby | When babies feel sleepy and it will play comfort music automatically.
- Situated colorful lighting system | To stimulate melatonin and help babies sleeping quality.
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.