epoLimitless_the possibilities of next-generation task illumination.
1. Slim & Frameless :
1cm ultra-slim and frameless appearance without LED glare dots, sets up a technical barriers for competitors. Minimalist design makes it could be installed invisibly, immerse into any space, easy to integrate with existing architecture.
2. Uniform Flawless Plate Light :
Adopts edge-lit tech, which allows using fewer LEDs in design, and lets LED light source to be uniform and cozy without glare, makes it an eco-friendly and comfortable choice of illumination.
3. Touch-Free Sensor Switch :
Lit-up by gesture control without touching, safe, convenient, and keeps the cleanliness of the luminaire. The sensing position indicator creates a better feedback for users, makes it friendly for using even in darkness.
4. Quick Release Magnetic System for Multiple-use :
Innovative structure makes it easy to install and to remove. The light could be fixed, or quickly released when needed to carry-on.
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