Smart multi purifier inverter air conditione
TECO will develop in the direction of businesses with high added value, such as smart products and systematic solutions and dedicate to the expansion of hi-tech businesses, with the objective of "energy conservation, emissions reduction, Intelligence, and automation," in order to create air purify and auto clean system technology with inverter air-conditioner. Combining energy conservation, air quality control and IoT technology, developed a smart air purify and auto clean system.
That is “energy-saving and provides a healthy air quality management platform” to upgrade the cleaning efficiency of air purify and auto clean system technology with inverter air-conditioner to provide consumers with the best comfortable environment and living experience. Combine energy saving and air cleaning quality management and IoT technology to develop integrated control of smart home with TaiSEIA module, it can create more efficiency air purify with smart system. The air purify filter can be reused
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