GPS Touring Computer
Cyclo Discover, Cyclo Discover Plus
Utilized with the largest full-color screen on the market and large-button launcher design interface, the Cyclo Discover series is ideal for bike tours.

With MioShare, you are able to store your fitness tracking data\route history\discover travel spots around your route. you can also download routes and enjoy new roads enjoyed by other riders.

The patent-pending NeverMiss feature allows the user to plan a long-distance bike tour/hiking route before the journey starts. People can add traveling spots, manage remarks, or add a weblink to the route. NeverMiss will also display a notification screen when you approach a planned spot along the route, and the user can scan the corresponding QR code with a smartphone to obtain additional information.

In addition, our patented SurpriseMe feature is also ideal for short-distance route plans. It offers three different route options between A to A or A to B. Cyclists can choose a different way to discover new inspirations during the ride.

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