Drivetrain System
TR12 rear derailleur is able to provide a quiet and accurate ride over the roughest trails. The key feature to this pursuit is the Hall Lock. When working on the derailleur or changing the wheel, the Hall Lock is opened. Closed while riding, the derailleur is locked to the frame and thus stabilized in the roughest conditions. This feature maintains accuracy in shifting and superb chain retention by not allowing the derailleur to rotate excessively away from the cassette. Its clamping force can be adjusted to balance stability and security while the derailleur deflects impact.

A “second ride-control” feature is an adjustable Ratchet Style Clutch, keeping tension on the chain through the movement of a bikes travel. With many different frame and suspension options, there has never been a greater need for a component’s adaptability. The clutch has integrated adjustability, effectively providing the individual balance between pedal feedback and chain retention for your bikes chain growth.
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