Glute Trainer
Help users tone muscle, build power, and enhance glute and core stability with a smarter, more stable take on high-intensity glute training. Advanced biomechanics mimic bar hip thrusting without the difficulty and discomfort of free weights, and walk-through design makes it easy for anyone to get started. Refined ergonomics accommodate users of all sizes comfortably, targeting the glutes and hamstrings.
- Floating Hip Pad swivels out of the way, providing a large, open area for easy entry and exit. When in use, the hip pad automatically moves with the user and assists the motion. Hand Rests is located in a comfortable and ergonomic position above the floating hip pad.
- Leverage arm uses 2:1 ratio leverage to increase the resistance. Therefore, fewer plates are needed to achieve high resistance. Dual-Sided Band Hooks apply to elastic band created variable resistance for explosive training and keeping glute under constant tension.

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