Smart touch electronic couplet
(1)Aspect Ratio of Stretched LCD Displays: The patented cutting technology used to resize the standard panels to acquire the proportion at 16:1.8; therefore, it will be more flexible to be properly placed in any location.
(2)Wide market application: The smart touch electronic couplet can be applied in a wide range of fields. It can be changed content according to different demand.
(3)High reliability: Due to the operating environment , the vibration specifications and operating temperature of the display are higher than general consumer models. The product has high-profile specifications including high stability of LCD module, over 100,000 hours in MTBF and passed rigorous thermal and vibration tests.
(4)Panel Resizing Technology: The unique resizing technology is valuable.The strength in bar type display promotion to the market is very optimistic.
(5)Patent protection: LWO has obtained more than 20 global patent approvals related to stretched LCD display applications.
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