Mini PC
Chromebox 4
ASUS Chromebox 4 is equiped with up to 10th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU, supporting 3 displays all in 4K quality and automatic system updates. It can fully support Android apps on Google Play in 4K quality.
More powerful in the efficacy, simpler the outline with pure shape, moderate color and polished texture adapt users easily to the environment. By reducing design complexity, it ensures that every space can be fully utilized all in small chassis, including the sufficient thermal rate to fulfill up to Core i7 performance. Standing, lying and hanging the model with power and hdmi lock-shielding is available to allow intuitive operations in different scenarios. To avoid possible interference, I / O configuration direction takes every mode into consideration. Unlike other competitive products, ASUS Chromebox 4 emphasizes intuitive operation in different scenarios, keeping power button face up and well-managed all cables.
In order to deliver the best user experience, please rotate your screen to portrait mode.