MEG Trident / MPG Trident Gaming Desktop
MEG Trident / MPG Trident Series
1.The first gaming desktop with only 10 liters of volume but still comes with the highest Intel’s 10th Gen i9-10900K processor
2.Equipped with MSI RTX 2080 graphics card
3.MSI’s Silent Storm Cooling allows small desktops to carry high wattage processors while maintaining performance
4.Supports 2.5 LAN and WiFi 6
5.Equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 3 connector
6.The new bottom cover adds cooling space by 10% and added two 8cm fans to increase airflow
7. Side opening glass sliding door helps display internal lighting and makes upgrading parts easier
The smallest and most powerful gaming desktop is where it started. The chamfered exterior makes it both a gaming desktop and a home decoration. The MEG / MPG Trident series comes with the latest Intel 10th Gen processor and standard MSI RTX graphics card. It also has 2.5 LAN and WiFi 6 that provide high-speed gaming experiences. The Thunderbolt 3 connector provides a 40Gb transmission rate, 3x charging speed, and DP image transmission

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