AORUS 17G Professional Gaming Laptop
AORUS 17G YB / XB / WB / KB / SB
In collaboration with G2 Esports, GIGABYTE launches its flagship AORUS 17X, AORUS 17G, and AORUS 15G high end models, tailoring its laptops to the needs of pros. The AORUS 17X, AORUS 17G and AORUS 15G are the lightest laptops in the industry that feature true mechanical keyboards. AORUS works exclusively in partnership with mechanical switch manufacturer, OMRON, to minimize the size of mechanical switches while retaining its quality to create the world’s lightest mechanical keyboard laptop. The shortened switch travel distance, phenomenal tactile feel and crisp feedback all offer increasing game speed and performance, meeting the precise and rapid in-game control requirements of the pros. AORUS has set this as the standard for the display of all its high-end product series and effectively reduces the occurrence of afterimages and broken images, providing the high-speed visuals required by enthusiasts. The AORUS series form the pinnacle of high-performance gaming that pro gamers pursue.
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