4G Wireless Data Logger
‧GTI 6 connects flow, pressure and water quality sensors to log data at user-defined time intervals and send data to cloud system via 4G technology with remote monitoring to replace manual reading and optimize water network.

‧GTI 6 has built-in 15 consumptions sections to distribute flow data and categorize consumption patterns to reduce the system burdens effectively and analyze user-consumption patterns, water meter size selection and water meter self-diagnosis analysis.

‧GTI 6 supports 3 flow & pressure alarms and integrates with entry access sensors.

‧Pressure-resistance, durable and IP68 protection, GTI 6 can be installed in humid environment. 5 years built-in battery is based on daily transmission.

‧GTI 6 sends signal strength, battery voltage and transmission times to analyze the data quality. With OTA supports, site visit is not needed. Pre-activation function can log future data without logging abundant data.
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